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But I Can’t Cite It?

Students have a secret– something that lurks in the shadows, a spectre that haunts all of our papers. Deny it all you want, but the truth remains . . . we use Wikipedia. We don’t care. We love it. We … Continue reading

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(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Like some of my classmates, I have had a number of serious questions about the arbitrariness of our Wikisource annotations. Based on the lack of definitive guidelines that Wikisource offers to contributors, it is pretty safe to suggest there’s a … Continue reading

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Remixing . . . is the BEST!

It’s true. How many times is a remixed version of a song been better than the original? Don’t we all love hearing samples of old songs in hip-hop? I remember listening to Janet Jackson’s Someone to Call My Lover and thinking … Continue reading

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Remixing and the Discovery of “Gizoogle”

“What the heck is Gizoogle?!” Is the question I asked my roommate when he mentioned it. If you haven’t discovered it yet, prepare to be amazed and enthralled. A variation of Google, Gizoogle acts as a search engine… only in … Continue reading

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Editing and Authorial Intention

Much like Laura and Olivia, I think our attention in the past few weeks has shifted from aiming to preserve the textual elements of the print version of The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes to making the digital version as … Continue reading

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Readability versus Preservation – A Debate in Digitization

Maintaining textual integrity is supposedly a foundational aspect of editing, but this does not always appear to hold true when creating digital editions. By textual integrity I mean maintaining not only the content of the work, but also the formatting … Continue reading

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Digital Idealism, Social Regulation and Our Textual Heritage via Deegan & Sutherland

In our reflections on a variety of manifestations of digital publishing over the past few months, many of us have expressed concern about the political and social implications of the digital projects we explore. In particular, I’m thinking back to … Continue reading

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