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But I Can’t Cite It?

Students have a secret– something that lurks in the shadows, a spectre that haunts all of our papers. Deny it all you want, but the truth remains . . . we use Wikipedia. We don’t care. We love it. We … Continue reading

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How Keen Am I on Andrew Keen? Not Very…

I have to admit my opinion of Andrew Keen was coloured before reading the first few chapters of The Cult of the Amateur. I met his less than optimistic musings in the June 2013 issue of The Atlantic, when he … Continue reading

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Authorship and Incentives

Reading through posts on “Authorship” this week had me questioning authorship and incentives, which, in turn, made me think of Wikisource. As we have already discussed, Wikisource encourages a mentality that focuses on 1) the non-permanency of texts 2) the … Continue reading

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Writing as an Industry: Is the Author Really Dead?

As Michelle and Julie have pointed out, Kathleen Fitzpatrick discusses the identity and purpose of the writer in her chapter entitled “Authorship.” For me, the concept of “authorship” got totally flipped on its head once I read Roland Barthes’ “The … Continue reading

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Posted by Sasha.Makarewicz

I’m always forced to talk about Barthes and I never really have a proper or concise handle on the actual theory. I just deleted 300 words that don’t really go anywhere or talk about this theory in relation to digital … Continue reading

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So Much Pressure!

One of the things that struck me the most while reading Fitzpatrick’s “Authorship” article is just how much pressure surrounds the act of writing – whether it be for an academic purpose or not. I am going to focus on … Continue reading

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