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Is “doneness” a thing?

As our project with JOH has been coming to a close, our blog posts have touched on the topic of “doneness” and “completeness.” For the most part, this feeling of completeness seems to missing because these social editions are constantly … Continue reading

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But I Can’t Cite It?

Students have a secret– something that lurks in the shadows, a spectre that haunts all of our papers. Deny it all you want, but the truth remains . . . we use Wikipedia. We don’t care. We love it. We … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Annotations

Through the process of annotating The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes (hereafter JOH), I have come to realize just how arbitrary annotations really are. Until recently, annotations have always been the helpful notes located at the bottom of a page – … Continue reading

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Social edition article on Wikipedia

I just started the article Social edition on Wikipedia so that we can include it as part of the introduction to our own social edition. Currently there’s a number of areas that need attention. Can anyone help out? A more … Continue reading

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Unrequired Writing

In reading Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s chapter on authorship from her book “Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy”, I was particularly interested in her observation that “[scholars] cling to a profound individualism in thinking about scholarly activity.” It … Continue reading

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Hidden Narrative: The Text behind the Text

In her most-recent blog post, Margaret explores the impact of coding and hypertext on our understanding of text and language. Her experience is very similar to my own, in that I had extremely limited knowledge of HTML, or any kind of … Continue reading

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Social Media Feedback

In case you haven’t noticed, I made some changes last week to the @johobbes twitter page. While I added some graphics to the page, I only did so to get things started. I would love to have some feedback from … Continue reading

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How to use wordpress categories

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to just add a quick tutorial on why and how to use categories in your posts. Categories are a hierarchical way of navigating the content of a wordpress blog. Using this feature is useful (at least … Continue reading

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