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Between annotation and John Oliver Hobbes

When it comes to annotation and critical editions, I am a relative outsider to the genre. In my entire life, the only example of this type of project that I’ve read was a critical edition of Anne Frank’s diary. I … Continue reading

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Social edition article on Wikipedia

I just started the article Social edition on Wikipedia so that we can include it as part of the introduction to our own social edition. Currently there’s a number of areas that need attention. Can anyone help out? A more … Continue reading

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The curator: A new ship to sail

The readings of the past few weeks have been challenging us to consider the robustness of authority as a concept. More importantly, we have been asked to question whether this concept that helps us understand the writing processes that lead … Continue reading

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Sven Birkerts is really not going to like this.

Spritz is a new app that rapidly displays all the words of a book in a single space. Instead of reading through space (like turning the page of a book or scrolling), this new reading behaviour moves in time only. … Continue reading

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What does the digital do? It makes literate machines.

In considering the question of what does the “digital” do to the “text”, Birkerts has a very particular response. The digital negatively impacts the interpretative and contemplative aspects of reading. I have an issue with this answer that goes beyond … Continue reading

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Social Media Feedback

In case you haven’t noticed, I made some changes last week to the @johobbes twitter page. While I added some graphics to the page, I only did so to get things started. I would love to have some feedback from … Continue reading

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How to use wordpress categories

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to just add a quick tutorial on why and how to use categories in your posts. Categories are a hierarchical way of navigating the content of a wordpress blog. Using this feature is useful (at least … Continue reading

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What is valuable about a library without copyright?

Wikisource describes itself as “the free library anyone can improve”. Like all wiki projects, it sets out to clearly define what it is and what it includes. As such, the terrain for this library is: Source texts, translations of original … Continue reading

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Reading the Social

I think that Miso has tapped into something significant with her blog post. She poses a number of questions that are intertwined with their concerns about the future of expertise, scholarship, and credit when faced with a community of wiki … Continue reading

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