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Touching from a Distance further all the time

I don’t know if I have a real relationship with John Oliver Hobbes. I haven’t really read her work here in a proper way. I’ve only read it in these fragments and these isolated chapters. I’m annotating A Study in … Continue reading

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John Oliver Hobbes as remixer (aka I think we’re still talking about remixing)

We’re basically talking about how old people are wrong week to week. Specifically how they are wrong with new media in relation to academia now. Not seeing the possibilities that new media can offer for academia but rather how academia … Continue reading

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I’m always forced to talk about Barthes and I never really have a proper or concise handle on the actual theory. I just deleted 300 words that don’t really go anywhere or talk about this theory in relation to digital … Continue reading

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User History

I’ve been interacting with Wikipedia since high school. I would look up articles and then look up articles related to those articles for the sake of it and for the sake of gathering useless knowledge about something (which are the … Continue reading

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The Best of Times and the Blurst of Times: The Social Edition

The Social Edition, at least my impression of it, is like a thousand monkeys typing randomly until they produce the works of Shakespeare. We are working from the text already and we have to just transcribe the edition, but we … Continue reading

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