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(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Like some of my classmates, I have had a number of serious questions about the arbitrariness of our Wikisource annotations. Based on the lack of definitive guidelines that Wikisource offers to contributors, it is pretty safe to suggest there’s a … Continue reading

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Readability versus Preservation – A Debate in Digitization

Maintaining textual integrity is supposedly a foundational aspect of editing, but this does not always appear to hold true when creating digital editions. By textual integrity I mean maintaining not only the content of the work, but also the formatting … Continue reading

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How Different are Digital and Print Reading Environments?

For this week’s class we read Sven Birkerts’ “Reading in a Digital Age” about the relationship between novels and the Internet. What started off as an intriguing article quickly became overly concerned with unnecessary analogies and seemingly irrelevant concerns with … Continue reading

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Is existing simultaneously an option? Wikisource AND the library

This week I found myself searching for inspiration to write this blog post. Despite reading over my colleagues’ posts and reviewing the class readings again, I still struggled to find a particular subject that caught my interest. The main reason … Continue reading

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And So Our Social Experiment Begins: The Difficulties of Editing Socially

This week we have started our adventures in social editing with the first series of blog posts and an introduction to Wikisource. For those readers who might be confused about what exactly we, as a class of graduate students, are … Continue reading

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