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Is “doneness” a thing?

As our project with JOH has been coming to a close, our blog posts have touched on the topic of “doneness” and “completeness.” For the most part, this feeling of completeness seems to missing because these social editions are constantly … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Annotations

Through the process of annotating The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes (hereafter JOH), I have come to realize just how arbitrary annotations really are. Until recently, annotations have always been the helpful notes located at the bottom of a page – … Continue reading

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The votes are in … and … Shakespeare’s the Man!

Marge’s post nicely opens up the discussion of remixing classic novels by focusing on Clueless, a rendition of Jane Austen’s Emma and discusses the creativity and originality needed in such renditions. A lot of the best movies of our generation are remixes of classic novels and plays … Continue reading

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So Much Pressure!

One of the things that struck me the most while reading Fitzpatrick’s “Authorship” article is just how much pressure surrounds the act of writing – whether it be for an academic purpose or not. I am going to focus on … Continue reading

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Initial Reflection on Social Edition

As I was reading the Siemens et. al. article “Toward Modeling the Social Edition…” I was initially struck by how much I take the internet and all of the information that it holds for granted. I’ve known for quite a … Continue reading

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