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But I Can’t Cite It?

Students have a secret– something that lurks in the shadows, a spectre that haunts all of our papers. Deny it all you want, but the truth remains . . . we use Wikipedia. We don’t care. We love it. We … Continue reading

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Remixing . . . is the BEST!

It’s true. How many times is a remixed version of a song been better than the original? Don’t we all love hearing samples of old songs in hip-hop? I remember listening to Janet Jackson’s Someone to Call My Lover and thinking … Continue reading

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Writing as an Industry: Is the Author Really Dead?

As Michelle and Julie have pointed out, Kathleen Fitzpatrick discusses the identity and purpose of the writer in her chapter entitled “Authorship.” For me, the concept of “authorship” got totally flipped on its head once I read Roland Barthes’ “The … Continue reading

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A Brave New World: The New Semiotics of the WWW

I just finished validating a classmate’s proofreads on our Wikisource page. As I was working, I found myself wondering how all the {{}} and ‘’’’ and |’s of markup language impact the original text, if at all. Does mechanical language … Continue reading

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On The Social Edition and The Devonshire Manuscript: Margaret

  In Pertinent Discussions Toward Modeling the Social Edition: Annotated Bibliographies Ray Siemens says that “the next steps in the scholarly edition’s development in its incorporation of social media functionality reflect the importance of traditional humanistic activities and workflows, and include collaboration, … Continue reading

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