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Five Reasons You Should Read John Oliver Hobbes

This blog has been a reflection on the creation of Social Edition of The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes and has focused broadly on digitization in the Humanities. This week we focus on John Oliver Hobbes and her work. This list … Continue reading

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Digital Idealism, Social Regulation and Our Textual Heritage via Deegan & Sutherland

In our reflections on a variety of manifestations of digital publishing over the past few months, many of us have expressed concern about the political and social implications of the digital projects we explore. In particular, I’m thinking back to … Continue reading

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Digital Psychology?

Reading through Laura and Olivia’s critiques of Sven Birkerts’s article in The American Scholar, I found myself agreeing with their criticisms and yet unable to let go of the way that I felt moved by his description of reading practices. … Continue reading

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What’s the Rationale?

If for McGann, the “Rationale of Hypertext” is based on the “decentralizing” character of hypertextual archives (“that fabulous circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”), then what is the Rationale of the Library? It seems to me … Continue reading

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The Social Edition and the Reader

Our introduction to digital humanities began with a discussion of early forms of digitization, namely the shortcomings of microfilm and early electronic scholarly editions. Most of us had misgivings about the way digitization privileges content over materiality and may ignore … Continue reading

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