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To read JOH is to love JOH

I might be setting myself up for some backlash here, but I never used to be a huge Jane Austen fan. I signed up for a course on 18th century literature in my fourth year of undergrad, and the professor … Continue reading

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Editing and Authorial Intention

Much like Laura and Olivia, I think our attention in the past few weeks has shifted from aiming to preserve the textual elements of the print version of The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes to making the digital version as … Continue reading

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Digital Production

I agree with Claire’s comment on our wholesale reaction to the relationship between the digital and the text. Since Claire has already tackled what the digital does to the text in terms of our reading experiences, I’d like to focus … Continue reading

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Wikisource and the library

The previous blog entries this week have done an excellent job of illuminating the limitations and benefits of both Wikisource and the library. Much like Miso and Olivia, my concern is that continually pitting Wikisource against the library gives the … Continue reading

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Education and the Digital Humanities Community

In response to our introduction to digital humanities, our class has expressed shared concerns regarding the social edition, including a desire to preserve and protect the roles of editors, experts, material texts, and close reading skills as valued parts of … Continue reading

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