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Personal Personography

TEI coding is confusing, but strangely mesmerizing at the same time. When Dr. Boyd was discussing TEI “personography” I became intrigued. I began wondering about the extent to which characters can be truly represented. As literary scholars, we are all … Continue reading

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Remixing and the Discovery of “Gizoogle”

“What the heck is Gizoogle?!” Is the question I asked my roommate when he mentioned it. If you haven’t discovered it yet, prepare to be amazed and enthralled. A variation of Google, Gizoogle acts as a search engine… only in … Continue reading

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Authorship and the Humanities

After attending the Humanities presentation Thursday, I made a few odd connections in my head between the discussion that ensued in the presentation and our discussion in class last Monday. In class Monday, we discussed (in regards to the nature … Continue reading

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Isn’t Something Better Than Nothing?

In the debate between Wikisource and the library, I am torn. I consider myself to be an “old soul”, and place value in traditional things like books. However, as my colleagues can attest I’m sure, there is nothing more frustrating … Continue reading

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Process Vs. Product: The Credibility of The Social Edition, and the Lack of a Definitive End

The notion of the social edition is new to me. As I have had little experience with websites like that of Wikisource before, I came to the realization during our class time of how complex the process of formation for … Continue reading

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