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The Fallacy of Completion in the Digital Edition

I “finished” my Wikisource annotations about 10 days ago. As I was writing the “last” annotation, I remember thinking two things: 1) Wow that was way more work than I initially realized. 2) My sense of completion on this project … Continue reading

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It seems that our discussions this term have been born from the tensions between print vs. digital, single authorship vs. collaborative authorship, and the traditional, visible print editor vs. the more or less invisible community of digital editors/curators. We have … Continue reading

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The Digitization of Texts

While I do agree with Claire on some points, it seems to me that Birkerts is resisting rather than engaging with a change that is inevitable. His views on youth are one-sided and verging on ageist. In particular, his comment … Continue reading

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Wikisource vs. the Library

It is hard to pick a side when both the library and Wikisource, in essence, work to accomplish the same noble goals: to disseminate and preserve information. Both have limitations and benefits, as Puneet illustrates in her blog entry. While the … Continue reading

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Initial Responses to the Social Edition

It seems to me that the project we are about to undertake occupies a contentious space in academia: we will soon be navigating an intellectual space (the realm of the digital humanities), which seeks to democratize knowledge (broaden access) and … Continue reading

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