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In case you haven’t noticed, I made some changes last week to the @johobbes twitter page. While I added some graphics to the page, I only did so to get things started. I would love to have some feedback from the class about the visual presentation of our project. To begin, I’ll tell you why I made the choice I did and then ask you to comment on particular aspects (background colour, profile background image, avatar) of the Twitter page.

My idea was to incorporate as much as possible visual elements taken from the book itself. As such, the avatar for @johobbes is taken from an portrait of her from the frontmatter of the book. Likewise the profile background is from the frontispiece of the book. From the overall background of the twitter page I choose a colour taken from the pages themselves. While this seems logical, I find it a little bit too beige, if you know what I mean. This is why I changed the profile background to a green colour, to liven it up a bit. However I am not totally sold on this. The question for you is, should the aesthetic of the twitter page reference the “book” as closely as possible or should we inject some colour or other contemporary aspects into everything to reflect the collaborative and energetic quality of our activity with the book.


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5 Responses to Social Media Feedback

  1. jason.boyd says:

    I quite like what you’ve done with the images from JOH’s book for the Twitter profile. I agree about the background — it is too light, but I’m hoping the collaborative energy will be largely reflected in the Tweet stream.

  2. Claire Farley says:

    I think it looks great, Steven. Thanks so much for doing this!
    Though I think it’s awesome that you took the background colour from the book pages, I agree that it’s a bit too light. Do you think it would be too distracting if the background was pages from the book, including the text? I also like the way the Wikipedia Commons page has the background so blown-up that it just looks like texture. Maybe we could do something similar with a page that is faded/watermarked?

  3. sydney.tyber says:

    I agree with what’s been stated above. How about using a border by Aubrey Beardsley for a background? We know they knew each other from Beardsley’s letters. His work was amazing and although I can’t find a border he did for her work specifically, it may work nicely. See what you think:

  4. clairefarley says:

    Love that idea, Sydney!

  5. michelle.keith says:

    I wish I could just like things – I love both of your ideas Sydney and Claire lol

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