How to use wordpress categories

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to just add a quick tutorial on why and how to use categories in your posts. Categories are a hierarchical way of navigating the content of a wordpress blog. Using this feature is useful (at least for me) because when I need to comment on a particular week, I can go directly to those posts.

For example, below is a screenshot of the homepage. You will see on the right hand side, highlighted in yellow, the Categories navigation. By clicking on this you will get any article that has been categorized with a particular week.



To make this work, any new posts that you make must be categorized. There is a sidebar in the post composition page where you can choose from all the weeks. Click on the appropriate week (you may need to use the scrollbar to see them all), and then publish your post.



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  1. jason.boyd says:

    Excellent contribution. I appreciate this kind of initiative.

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